Who are we? What do we do? And Why?

Maison de Sovalye is a partnership between Paolo Saltarelli and Hilmi Toros.Paolo and Hilmi, friends for 25 years, come from different walks of life, but both believe in the philosophy that life and its precious moments are to be enjoyed. Nature gives us its blessings. Sun gives us its light and energy. Winds gives us its breeze. Sea gives us its inspiration. Land gives us its food and fruit. Moon gives us its romance. In short, life gives us its joy. It’s up to us to embrace these blessings.

And to share them…

In Fethiye and the Isle of Sovalye (The Isle of Knights, Cavalieri or Chevalier), we believe we have found the best of what life offers –and the thought of sharing them with others. Its sun (Fethiye is known in history as The Land of Lights), sea, earth, archeology, forests as well as local organic food products, local fish and local spring water and good wine.

We like to think that ours is not just business. We like to form lasting friendships. We like to share experiences. We like to share the joys of life……Let’s meet…..

Paolo Saltarelli is the manager of Maison de Sovalye. When not on the Island of Sovalye (Island of Knights), he lives at the small seaside town of Anzio along the coast of Rome. His father Pietro instilled in him the passion for the sea and mother Vittoria the passion for travel, setting him on his course in search of a mythical island. At the age of 18 he went to England for one year, returning to Italy to pursue the line of work of his father, marketing in the textile sector. He was passionate about his work that took him across Italy and to many parts of the world for 20 years, but he always had a passion also for sea and sailing. He met Hilmi in 1987 at Hilmi’s sailboat named Harmonia and they have often sailed together off the coast of Rome. In 2010, he decided to transform his passion into a business concern by starting Maison de Sovalye.

You can reach Paolo via e-mail at: saltarelli.paolo@libero.it, Skype:paolo_saltarelli,รจ anche su Facebook. His cell phone numbers are +90 545 3262888 / +39 3483822333.

Hilmi Toros, the owner of Maison de Sovalye units, is a native of Turkey but spent most of his life in the United States and Italy before settling down in Fethiye in 2000. He is a journalist by training and profession, having worked for the American news agency The Associated Press (AP) in the United States and as foreign correspondent in Rome for 10 years before concluding his journalistic career as head of the press office of the Rome-based United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) after 20 years. Work and pleasure has taken him to some 50 countries –and, possibly, 1,000 restaurants around the world. Like Paolo, he too, is a sailor and a gourmet and enjoys the company of friends and welcomes the opportunity to make new friends.

You can reach Hilmi by e-mail at wordsmithsailor@hotmail.com. Wordsmithsailor is also at Facebook. Hilmi’s cellphone number is +90 535 340 2953.